Classic style apartment in La Xerea

Comprehensive renovation of a large-area apartment in Ciutat Vella, Valencia.

After mediating in the sale of an apartment in Ciutat Vella, the new owner maintained his trust in Cicerone by delegating all the necessary steps to carry out the reform. The project focused on the renovation of the entire property, fully preserving the classic style of a building in the old town of Valencia.

The main premise of the owner was to maintain the original essence of the apartment. That love for the classic, together with the large number of architectural details present in the property, meant that the rehabilitation work was very present throughout the reform. It is worth highlighting the rehabilitation of the exterior and interior wood carpentry, which was especially laborious. The high ceilings with moldings and the use of elements such as classic-style electrical mechanisms or original cast iron radiators, are details that provided the noble and stately air that the project pursued.

The reform followed the classic design in the kitchen and bathrooms, with current coatings but typical of another era. The taps and the different bathroom pieces are a clear nod to style. In the kitchen, furniture in a striking color and traditional style moves away from current trends and integrates perfectly into the whole. The original layout was kept unaltered by renovating all the property's facilities and installing herringbone wooden floors in the bedrooms and living-dining room.

If you need to reform an apartment in Valencia, Cicerone Group is at your service to develop an architecture project to suit you.

Comprehensive renovation

Ciutat Vella, Valencia
  • Complete renovation
  • Surface: 220 m²
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Qualities: High

Finish date

November 2021
  • Design
  • Drafting of the project
  • Licence management
  • Monitoring of works
  • Renovation
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