Penthouse in La Pechina

Comprehensive renovation of a penthouse in Valencia for a foreign client.

After helping to identify the property that best suited their needs, a reform project was drawn up to enhance the characteristics of the selected home. In the absence of the client, Cicerone assumed control of the works and kept him informed of their progress.

The exterior and interior carpentry were changed and parquet was placed throughout the property. The walls had to be regularized in favor of straight lines and the whole house had to be painted. Both the kitchen and the bathrooms were completely renovated including toilets and furniture, in addition to replacing the tiling with a combination of mid-height plaster for greater warmth. The electrical installation, the radiator heating system and the gas boiler were replaced.

Among other actions, the cabinets and the entrance door were lacquered in white, a special coating was applied to the steps of the staircase and the structure was completely painted. A white aluminum exterior pergola covered by a micro-perforated canvas was also installed.

In short, a comprehensive renovation with good materials to suit the client, in which Cicerone meticulously supervised each of the details. The result, an impeccable home at the customer's taste and at a competitive price.

Comprehensive reform

Extramurs, Valencia
  • Complete renovation
  • Surface: 110 m²
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Qualities: Medium 

Finish date

November 2021
  • Sale
  • Drafting of the project
  • Licence management 
  • Monitoring of works
  • Renovation
  • After sales service
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