Design apartment in El Botánico

Comprehensive renovation of an apartment in El Botánico, Valencia.

This comprehensive reform is born again from the collaboration between Cicerone Group and Juan Montoliu. A detailed architectural project and meticulous execution result in an exclusive modern-style apartment, full of singularities and quality details.

The greatest particularity of the project lies in two volumes that run longitudinally through the house in a sinuous interplay of contrasts. The first one, covered from floor to ceiling with noble wood, integrates the entrance door to the property and different storage areas. The second houses the wet areas and is completely covered with a traditional style ceramic material, adapted to current trends. This volume exquisitely hides various access doors, giving continuity to the ceramics. The visual simplicity of this detail meant in practice great complexity at the level of execution, having to modulate the gaps to the format of the pieces.

The placement of a large-format ceramic floor throughout the property provides continuity and follows the modern line of the rest of the reform. The rehabilitation of two exposed-face partitions is a nod to the past and contrasts with the modernity of the complex. Its careful lighting, based on the combination of direct lights and integrated into the false ceiling by means of plaster spotlights and indirect LED lights, complete a sublime architectural project.

The apartment welcomes us with the living-dining room, next to which a modern kitchen opens up, made up of matt white furniture and large-format porcelain pieces with a marbled finish. In the corridor, the courtesy toilet is strategically located behind a hidden door in the ceramic partition. Following the line of masking the entrances, a sliding door divides the corridor to separate the day area from the space intended for the bedroom. This resource allows a large shower and sink to be located in the passage area, making the most of the space in an intelligent way. In the bedroom, a large folding carpentry presides over the room, merging the interior and exterior space. Its magnificent walk-in closet with folding doors completes a dream suite.

If you are thinking of reforming an apartment in Valencia, the Cicerone Group team is at your disposal to advise you throughout the process and shape your project.

Comprehensive renovation

Extramurs, Valencia
  • Complete renovation
  • Surface: 68 m²
  • Duration: 5 months
  • Qualities: High

Finish date

June 2022
  • License management
  • Drafting of project
  • Monitoring of works
  • Complete renovation
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