Apartment near La Marina Real

Comprehensive reform of a property in the neighborhood of La Cruz del Grao, Valencia.

Located in the Camins al Grau district, the architectural project for this property was born from the equity investment of a foreign client. Despite the intended use of the apartment, the owner's premise was to carry out an elegant and contemporary-style comprehensive reform, using quality finishes.

The apartment was completely redistributed to improve its functionality and make the most of the surface, clearly differentiating the different areas of the property. At the entrance, a charming hall leads us to the living-dining room, open to a modern kitchen with an island. A small corridor gives access to a toilet, a bathroom and three double bedrooms.

Its atypical structural typology based on load-bearing walls, led to foresee numerous problems in the execution phase of the project. The evacuation of water and the extraction of smoke from the kitchen or the air conditioning through ducts distributed throughout the house, required smart solutions and a high level of thoroughness.

The large number of rooms facing the outside and the height of the floor, guaranteed the entry of abundant natural light. The predominance of light tones further enhanced the brightness and contributed to enhancing the warm feeling of the wooden floors. Its careful lighting, monopolized by modern down lights integrated into the false ceiling, was the icing on the cake of a sublime reform project.

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Comprehensive renovation

Camins al Grau, Valencia
  • Complete renovation
  • Surface: 95 m²
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Qualities: Medium - High

Finish date

November 2021
  • Design
  • Drafting of the project
  • Licence management
  • Monitoring of works
  • Renovation
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