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Valencia was founded as a Roman colony in 138 B.C. Centuries later the Muslims occupied the city providing their language, religion and customs. After some centuries of Muslim domination, in 1238, the Christian King Jaime I reconquered the city of Valencia as the capital of Christendom. 

The main starting point for the growth and development of Valencia was the Plaza de la Virgen, epicentre of the oldest area of the city, Ciutat Vella. Nowadays, the old town of Valencia is one of the largest in Spain. Its huge, historical and cultural heritage full of monuments makes the historic centre of Valencia one of the most visited by both national and international tourists. The Cathedral, result of the fusion of different architectural styles, or the Miguelete with its 207 steps allowing us to observe the old town of Valencia from a privileged position, are examples of the architectural wealth of the city.

Ciutat Vella is one of the most prestigious areas in Valencia, characterized by a great contrast between history and modernity. In this regard, the most luxurious buildings cohabit with bohemian streets and the most prestigious shops cohabit with the traditional culture and the arts and crafts shops. Its cultural range is immense, including most of the museums and theatres in Valencia, as well as the main touristic points. 

The neighbourhoods which make up the area of Ciutat Vella are: El Mercat, El Carme, Sant Francesc, La Xerea, La Seu and El Pilar.

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The residential areas of Los Monasterios and Alfinach are luxury residential complexes located in the natural park of Sierra Calderona, in the municipality of Puzol

They are located 20 minutes from Valencia, towards the North through the national road V-21. Both residential complexes enjoy a calm environment, surrounded by crops and nature. They are close to the urban centre of Puzol and to Blue-Flag beaches. They are 25 minutes far from Manises airport. They provide public transports, RENFE, Metro and bus stops located in the surroundings.

Both residential complexes cover a wide extension of land, with green areas towards the Sierra Calderona. The residential area of Alfinach has 414 plots where a lot of families have decided to establish their primary residence. Los Monasterios as well as Alfinach provide access control and 24-hour surveillance service. The residential area of Los Monasterios also has a social club and sport facilities. 

Both residential complexes are close to the Golf Club Escorpión, the marinas of La Pobla de Farnals, Canet d’En Berenguer and Valencia, as well as the casino Monte Picayo.

It is worth mentioning the excellent schools available in the area. In Los Monasterios you can find the private school Hispano Norteamericano, which follows the American educational system. In Alfinach you can find the private school Alfinach and, next to the urban centre of Puzol, you can find the teaching centre Caxton College, which follows the British educational system. 


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The municipality of Bétera belongs to the province of Valencia. It is located on the southern slope of the Sierra Calderona and is 15 km far from Valencia and 23 km far from the Mediterranean Sea. It is a mountain town with a long history, as evidenced by the three big archaeological sites found on its territory. Its excellent location offers a microclimate, being the most temperate of the entire region. Among its best amenities, the availability of schools stands out with the education centres of Mas Camarena, the Colegio Palma and the Liceo Francés. Due to its proximity to Valencia, there are several roads, as well as bus stops and Metro stations. The territory of Bétera includes a large area of land with some villages, such as Torre en Conill and Mas Camarena

The residential area of Torre en Conill is a luxury residential complex surrounded by nature, next to the Golf Club Escorpión. It includes a large open area of land and it is a zone where a lot of Valencians have established their second residence, for summer holiday. The residential complex provides a supermarket and 24-hour surveillance service.

The luxury residential complex Mas Camarena is a private residential area located in the south of the urban centre of Bétera, next to the technological park of Paterna. It is organised in different sectors with private access. It is the primary residence of a lot of families, considering that the residential complex provides amenities such as a social club, horse riding school, sport facilities and restaurants.

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La Eliana - San Antonio

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La Eliana is a municipality in the province of Valencia located in the region of Campo de Turia. It takes its name from an ancient chapel dedicated to the image of San Elías.

Its territory is practically flat, which adds value to the plots. La Eliana is one of the most established residential areas in the surroundings of Valencia. Its urban centre is very well developed and the residential complexes provide all the amenities, as well as good accesses by road, bus stops and four Metro stations. La Eliana has a wide range of real estate with several residential complexes and a variety of houses with different architectural styles.

La Eliana is a municipality committed to sports. For this reason, it has been awarded the national prize for the promotion of sport awarded by the King Juan Carlos I. In addition to the special treatment offered by the “Pilota Valenciana”, there are centres which are benchmarks, such as the tennis school “Club de Tenis las Vegas” or the promotion of the rugby with the team “CAU Rugby” from the school Helios. 

The municipality of San Antonio de Benagéber is located on the eastern end of the region of Campo de Turia. It has a good location, with direct communication by road and close to other urban centres and to Valencia. For this reason, it is one of the three municipalities in the province of Valencia with the higher population growth over the last decade. The area of Colinas de San Antonio, next to the urban centre, is where most of this population lives.

The residential complex Cumbres de San Antonio also provides access control and 24-hour surveillance services. It is a small and traditionally family residential area located in the upper part of the town. Its location, next to other bigger residential complexes, offers amenities, together with calm and privacy.

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Godella - Rocafort

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Godella and Rocafort are two municipalities from the region of the Huerta Norte, next to Valencia. Both of them have a long tradition, being, historically, majestic residential areas in the surroundings of Valencia. As a historic fact, the material for the construction of the Torres de Serranos and the Miguelete was extracted from the ancient quarries in Rocafort.

The distinctive feature of Godella is the different luxury residential areas, which have promoted a great development of the middle and upper class population coming from other municipalities of the area. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the area of Campolivar, located in the north-west of Godella and which was developed from the summer residence of the ancient barons of Campo-Olivar. Nowadays, the area is occupied by a lot of luxury houses and recreational estates.

Rocafort is one of the municipalities with more amenities in the Huerta de Valencia. The north-west part of its crops has changed into the residential complexes with unique properties and summer houses. It is worth mentioning the private residential complex of Santa Bárbara, as one of the most complete and prestigious in the surroundings of Valencia.

Among other extra amenities, Godella and Rocafort are very close to sports facilities such as tennis courts, horse riding centres and the Golf Club Escorpión, among others. It is also important its large school provision with several centres of excellence.

The simplest was to arrive from Valencia is by the road CV-3102, being possible to access through the A-7 and the CV-35 too. Godella as well as Rocafort provide some Metro stations which connect with Valencia through the line 1.

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Paterna is a municipality located 5 km far to the north-west of Valencia. The b industrialization carried on in the area, between 1950 and 1970, promoted a significant growth of the population, until becoming nowadays one of the most important municipalities in the surroundings of Valencia. Together with industry, the municipality of Paterna is provides a wide range of amenities and 75.000 m² of green areas. One of the charms of the zone is the bosque de la Vallesa, which separates La Cañada and L’Eliana, exploited as a leisure area to enjoy sports in the nature and the Mediterranean climate. In addition, the presence of the leisure centre Heron City is a complement to the wide range of gastronomy and leisure activities in Paterna. Its population is distributed between the urban centre and the different residential complexes built in the surroundings. The most representative ones are La Cañada, El Plantío or Cruz de Gracia.

The residential complex of La Cañada has a large population due to its proximity to Valencia, its communications by road, through some bus lines and with two Metro stations which directly connect with the city centre of Valencia. The residential complex El Plantío has historically represented the majestic style of the area. On the other hand, the residential complex Cruz de Gracia, with restricted access and surveillance service, has been growing as the luxury model in the zone.

Paterna provides complete school provisions. The Colegio Palma, in Montecañada, is one of the schools with the best reputation. In El Plantío is located the school of the same name which follows the British educational system, as well as the British College in La Cañada. The Liceo Francés in Paterna is very close to La Cañada.

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Picassent is a municipality in the province of Valencia, located in the region of Huerta Sur. It is 18 km far from Valencia towards the south. The access by road can be made through the N-332 or via the expressway A-7 E-15. It is also possible to arrive with the Metro line 1. The most traditional residential complexes in the area are: Tancat de l’Alter, Serramar and Lloma de la Verge.

The residential complex Tancat de l'Alter is located at the end of the municipality of Picassent, towards the west. The complex was built with the aim of housing the Ford engineers. Until the 1970s, it was known as “Balcón de Valencia” (Valencia’s balcony), due to the impressive view of the city from that position. One of the most interesting aspects about Tancat de l'Alter is the majesty of its gardens and the natural environment. Is is classified as “Entidad Colaboradora de Conservación”. There are 300 houses in total, with different architectural types depending on age. Thanks to its correct urban planning, the plots must have a minimum size of 1.000 m², but it is usual to find gardens with 3.000 m² or ore. To ensure calm and privacy, Tancat de l'Alter provides a security office at the entrance, access control and 24-hour surveillance service. For families with school-age children, the school Ausias March is inside the residential area. In addition, a recent updating of the water supply, sewage systems and the pavement of the streets has been carried out. 

Other important residential areas in Picassent are Lloma de la Verge, where you can find the school Les Carolines and the residential area Serramar, located towards the south, in a calm environment surrounded by orange groves. Serramar provides a social club, sport facilities and swimming pool, among other amenities.

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The municipality of Chiva belongs to the province of Valencia and it is the capital of the region La Hoya de Buñol. It is located between the mountains and the plain, in the slope of La Loma del Castillo, around 270 m above sea level. It features a geography marked by lush Mediterranean vegetation and deep ravines. It is an important point of internal tourism providing many residential complexes. Chiva has experienced a b urbanising process together with a significant population growth, because the road A-3 (Madrid-Valencia) allows arriving to Valencia by car in less than twenty minutes. 

The 17 residential complexes distributed in the whole municipality account for the 41.97 % of its population. El Bosque, Olimar or Calicanto are examples of the range of real estate available in Chiva.

El Bosque is a luxury residential complex developed around the golf course of the same name. It is one of the luxury residential complexes which are a benchmark in the province of Valencia. Its good reputation, result of bringing together tradition, quality and services, makes it one of the most exclusive and coveted residential complexes in Valencia. Its Social Club provides plenty of amenities, such as a golf club, tennis courts and equestrian sports. El Bosque is mainly made up of luxury houses with big and beautiful gardens. There are plots which are totally flat and plots with different levels; modern or traditional houses. Everything is surrounded by nature and guarantees privacy thanks to a strict access control and a 24-hour mobile surveillance service. El Bosque, can be considered a true residential oasis.

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The municipality of Torrente belongs to the province of Valencia and is located in the region of Huerta Oeste, some minutes far from Valencia. It is the second most populated municipality in the province and has been experiencing an important demographic growth and a great urban development. It is a very traditional area amongst the Valencians.

El Vedat is a residential complex located on the hill with the same name. In the past it was a private territory (vedado in Spanish, vedat in Valencian) owned by monks in the Middle Ages. It is characterized by being a familiar residential area bly rooted in the Valencian culture. Its territory presents a dense pine forest with lush Mediterranean vegetation some minutes from Torrent and 9 kms from Valencia. It provides many different amenities thanks to the strength of Torrent as a municipality. El Vedat has excellent transport communications through road and different options with public transports. 

As part of the territory in El Vedat, the residential area Santa Apolonia is located in the southern area. The urban planning is different from the rest of El Vedat, with bigger plots in general. Santa Apolonia provides a private Social Club with sports and leisure facilities, as well as 24-hour mobile surveillance service. It could be said that Santa Apolonia avails of the amenities in Torrent and is more like a luxury residential complex.

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